Marcelle Mahlouf

Invited Speaker

Marcelle Mahlouf | Technion | Israel

Prof. Marcelle Machluf received her Ph.D. in Biotechnology Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University (Israel). Marcelle went on to complete a 5-year post-doctoral fellowship at the Harvard Medical School under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Atalla. Marcelle joined the Technion in 2001, and received tenure in 2007; in 2014, she was promoted to full professor. Prof. Machluf has authored 40 peer-reviewed journal papers, co-authored 15 papers and published over 100 conference papers. Her papers have appeared in leading generalized and specialized journals including Nature Biotechnology, Nano Letters, and Blood, and have been cited over 2,500 times, awarding her an h-index of 26 (Google Scholar). Prof. Machluf has supervised more than 40 graduate and post-doctoral students, from around the world, and is teaching four undergraduate and graduate courses in nano-encapsulation, tissue engineering, mammalian cell technologies, and bioprocessing. Prof. Machluf is a member of the TargetCaRe consortium, under Horizon 2020 Training Networks (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014). Prof. Machluf is the head of a six-year collaboration between six groups from the Technion and two of Singapore’s leading universities (NTU and NUS) funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore. Prof. Machluf is a member of the Minerva Programme Committee, under the Max-Planck Institute (Germany) and a member of the Tissue Engineering Journal editorial board. Prof. Machluf is the Head of the Technion’s graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Biotechnology, and was recently appointed as the Deputy Executive Vice President for Research For the Pre-clinical Research Authority of the Technion.