Michal Balberg

Invited Speaker

Michal Balberg | Holon Institute of Technology | Israel

Dr. Michal Balberg, Senior Lecturer, Holon Institute of Technology.

Dr. Balberg received a Ph.D. in Neural Computation from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2004 Dr. Balberg  co-founded  Ornim Medical, a medical device company that develops a non-invasive brain monitor based on the acousto-optic effect  that has been used to monitor hundreds of patients. In 2015 Dr. Balberg joined the Faculty of Engineering at Holon Institute of Technology, as a senior lecturer. Her research is focused on using light to non-invasively monitor the brain, by developing new technologies and new analytic tools to analyze hemodynamic signals.  She is an inventor of 20 world-wide patents and patent applications, and authored many scientific articles in peer reviewed journals in the field of optics, biomedical engineering and physics.