Yosi Shacham

Invited Speaker

Yosi Shacham | Tel Aviv University | Israel

Prof. Yosi Shacham-Diamand, The Bernard L. Schwartz chair for nano scale information technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering – Physical electronics and the department of Material science and technology, Faculty of engineering, Tel Aviv University. D.Sc. EE 1983, M.Sc. EE 1980, and B.Sc. EE (Summa-cum Laude) 1978, all in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.  1983-post-doctorate at U.C. Berkeley, CA, USA. 1987- 1989 senior lecturer, the Technion, Israel. 1989-1996 assistant professor Cornell university, Ithaca NY, USA, 1997-2001 Associate professor and since 2001 a full professor at the school of electrical engineering, Physical Electronics department, Tel-Aviv University. Yosi has been also a Visiting professor, CNR-IMM, Rome, Italy, Visiting Professor, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and a distinguished international chair professor, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan. Currently he is visiting professor at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, The Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy.He served in few academic positions including being the Academic Director, Micro Technologies Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv university (2000 –2001), the director of Tel-Aviv University research institute for Nano-Science and nano-technologies (2001–2004), Head of the department of Physical Electronics, faculty of Engineering (2007- 2011), the Vice-dean of the faculty of engineering for Industrial relations and with the friends of the faculty in Israel and abroad. He was on the university board of governors (2008-2012), University patent committee (2006-2010), head of the industrial affiliation program, Faculty of engineering (2012) and a Member of the board of directors of “RAMOT” by Tel Aviv University (2008-2013). He is a Member of the MAGNET committee promoting basic and generic technologies in Israel, the innovation authority, Ministry of trade and Industry.He published 240 journal papers, >400 conference papers in registered proceedings, 7 chapters in books, 30 patents, edited two conference proceedings books, and two books. His research is in the field of Micro and Nano electronics science and technology; specifically, electroless plating of metals and alloys, interconnect technology for ULSI circuits and flexible electronics, and electrochemical bio sensors the food, medical and agro applications.