Zehava Blechman

Invited Speaker

Zehava Blechman | Afeka-Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering | Israel

Dr. Zehava Blechman is a senior lecturer in the Medical Engineering Department at Afeka-Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering, Israel. She received her B.Sc. in Physics at Bar-Ilan University and her M.Sc. in Medical Science and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering & Medical Science at Tel Aviv University.
The main research area of Dr. Blechman is cardiovascular hemodynamics especially in the peripheral microcirculation level. She collaborates with academic researchers, physicians and developers from industry. Her studies are published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences.
Dr. Blechman established the Medical Engineering Department at Afeka College, and was the first department head. Over the years, Dr. Blechman has contributed to promote the Medical Engineering field in Israel. She is a member of the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE) Committee. For four years she served as the academic secretary of the ISMBE, and during an additional four years she served as a vice president. Since 2012 Dr. Blechman has been a member of a scientific committee of ISMBE. Dr. Zehava Blechman is also a volunteer lecturer to teenagers, with an aim at enhancing their knowledge and bringing them to the field of science (zehava@afeka.ac.il).