The main goals of ISMBE are to promote and stimulate professional interconnections and communication among Israeli engineers, physicians and scientists, specializing in variety of areas of Biomedical Engineering, to foster educational activities in these areas, consolidate joint research programs, and discuss commercial endeavors.

In our conferences and other activities we try to cover all aspects of the biomedical engineering activity in Israel and to meet the accelerated progress of the biomedical field in Israel and worldwide. Our activities cover classical biomedical engineering areas (medical imaging, biomechanics flow, biomaterials, tissue engineering, ultrasound diagnosis and medical optics etc.) as well as emerging areas of research and development (mobile health, nanomedicine, targeted drug delivery, brain engineering, systems and synthetic biology, medical robotics, sport biomedicine etc.) and recent breakthroughs in specific medical fields (blood vessels, wound healing, cancer diagnosis and treatment etc.).

Our members and target audience include biomedical engineers by education or by occupation, faculty members in academic institutions that are engaged in the field, physicians with engineering tendency and interests, managers and regulators in biomedical engineering, clinical engineers, hospital employees in the field of the medical devices, entrepreneurs in startup companies, and students for a B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in biomedical engineering at known academic institutions.


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