Ayelet Lesman

Invited Speaker

Ayelet Lesman | Tel Aviv University | Israel

Dr. Ayelet Lesman’s research is at the interface between the world of mechanics and the world of biology. Her laboratory investigates the effect of mechanical forces on biological processes such as cell division and motion, organization to form tissues, differentiation of stem cells and communication between cells. Particular emphasis is placed on the study of the interaction of cells with nonlinear elastic environment that mimics conditions of tissues in the body.

Dr. Ayelet Lesman has acquired her education at the Technion where she earned her BSc in Materials Engineering and Chemistry, and her MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering. She conducted her post-doctoral research at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering in cooperation with Mechanical Engineering.

After a period of post-doctoral work at the Weizmann Institute in the Faculty of Biology, Dr. Lesman joined Tel Aviv University’s School of Mechanical Engineering as a Senior Lecturer.